Zara & Amhed’s Wedding – Lusaka, Zambia

I have been wanting to blog this wedding for a while now, this was one of the biggest weddings I have ever planned. It was not only in another country, but it was 800 guests. So this blog post is going to be slightly different as I am showcasing a few of the events that took place. I am very happy that you get to view these stunning photos. 

We were asked to plan this beautiful wedding week in Lusaka, Zambia. It was a massive challenge as all the providers were flown in from Cape Town. So although we were working with a great team (Go Team!), we were in another country without our usual suppliers like our waiters and usual floor staff. None the less, this long eventful week came together beautifully. It was not without its challenges, and I think it is important to high light this sort of thing. Wedding planning is not all champagne and rose petals. It is hard work, sweat, tears, sore feet, hungry tummy’s, tired eyes and much more. Without a rock solid team, nothing would get done. So I am very blessed that my team were made of steel and worked long hours to pull these events together. The wedding day was the hardest as we had to set everything up in 2 days and our main bunch of florals only arrived from customs 3 HOURS before the wedding. Can you imagine everyone’s relief! But you would never know our stress, because we pulled together and made magic happen! It was an honour to work with these suppliers.

Botanica Flowers needs a HUGE high five, lots of hugs, massive thanks and an endless supply of wine for all the love and hard work that they put into every event they styled during this week. The flower wall was my favourite design feature. It had a serious wow factor to it. Well done on this creation ladies! You were all so amazing!

Lameez from Just Baked made delicious desserts for the events and did an outstanding job along with her team, which was Viola, Andrea and Bianca. Rofeeqoh from Sugar Fairy made the 2 gorgeous cakes you will see from the Mehndi night and the wedding day. 

Kirsten Murphy and Melissa van Zyl were the two ladies who worked their magic and made sure the bride and her family looked beautiful for each and every event. 

Lara from Lara’s Designs did all the stunning stationary. She worked tirelessly to make sure it all looked perfect! 

The videography was done by Dessert Rose Productions and I am very excited to see the footage when it is ready.

My assistant Kerrith deserves a special mention. She was my right hand EVERYTHING during this week. We laughed, we cried, we limped from all the walking, but we never stopped. She helped me make sure the day, especially the wedding, went off beautifully. 

Thank you to Andrea and Bianca, who were flown in purely to help make the desserts, but stayed late with me to clean, push chairs, carry boxes, fold napkins and hug me while I teared up because I wanted to make sure everything was perfect – any wedding planner who tells you they haven’t shed a tear during at least one wedding, well, I am just not sure I can believe it 🙂

In this blog is a selection of photographs by the ever talented Catherine Mac. Catherine shot all the events for the lovely couple and I think they are just gorgeous.  

THANK YOU to everyone involved in this special week long event. I couldn’t have done it without you and was blown away by your hard work, love, passion and dedication. 

To the lovely couple, Zara and Ahmed, I wish you all the love and happiness in the world and I hope you look back on your special events with a happy heart for many years to come.






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