Cape Town Wedding: Lyle and Kristina

Lyle and Kristina, an EXTRA special wedding for me. 
Lyle has been friends with my husband for for over 20 years. So when Lyle and the lovely Kristina got engaged, I was thrilled that they asked me to help them plan their wedding.. 

It is always a bit tough when you plan a friends wedding. Friends always say “please just enjoy the day and we don’t want you to work” but honestly, it is impossible to not still have your eye on everything. I of course wanted to make sure their day was as perfect as I could make it. 

My husband Andy was the MC and I was the planner (we make a pretty good team if I do say so myself) 

Kristina and Lyle live in London, but Kristina is originally from Denmark. So their wedding was filled with lots of Danish traditions. One thing that was a bit different, was that they wanted to start the ceremony at 1pm, where in SA we typically start at 4pm. Their cocktail hour was from 1:30pm to 6pm and guests were served canapes, cocktails and wedding cake during this time. Guests were also asked to change from their cocktail attire into black tie for the evening. It was quite nice that we got to go back to our rooms,  freshen up and move onto the reception in a whole new outfit! 

Their reception also had a few traditions. Whenever Kristina got up from her chair, all the girls had to run over to Lyle and kiss him on the cheek. And whenever Lyle got up, the men had to go and kiss Kristina on the cheek. There were also a few speeches, as per usual with every wedding, but at this wedding, whenever the guests started banging their hands on the table, the couple had to stand on their chair and kiss, and when we started stomping our feet, and they had to get under the table and kiss. Basically, there was a lot of kissing at this wedding 🙂 

We danced the night away all the way until 2am, it was so nice to be reminded of what the guests experience when they attend a wedding. 

Thank you Lyle and Kristina for allowing me to play a small part in your wedding, I hope it was as magical as you thought it would be. Sending you both tons and tons of love! 

Thanks to these providers below for making sure the day was perfect! 

Venue  Vrede en Lust
Lighting and dance floor  Authentic Planning 
Photography Aglow Photography
Make up & hair  Yolande Du Toit
DJ  DJ Roy 
DĂ©cor & flowers  Botanica
Wedding Cake  Sheena Henry 
Marriage officer  Tony van Vuuren
Hiring  The Hire Haus 

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