Rickety Bridge Wedding Fair

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I attended the Rickety Bridge Wedding Fair in Franschhoek this weekend. What I liked about this fair, was that it was small and intimate, you get to see and speak to everyone and the table they give you is a great 1.8metres, so there is so much space.

As I am a wedding planner, it was difficult to plan a stand, as everyone thought I offered décor, haha. Although I do offer décor, a wedding planner offers so much more. I am the one person any bride or groom can come to during the stressful times of planning, I sort out the finer details and make sure everything comes together on the day.

These days, with the market how it is, many brides want to be the D.I.Y bride, and although I applaud them, I mean, who doesn’t want to plan their own wedding? I do offer help in ways that they can’t. While a bride is getting her hair done and the groom is being photographed, I manage the day and all the behind the scenes things.

You don’t want your guests wondering around the venue trying to find the loo’s or your grandmother getting wet in the rain because there were no umbrella’s.

At the fair, I met some really great couples and enjoyed hearing their feedback.

My favourite part was when the cellphones came out and they started taking photos of my stand – yay for me!

Thanks to www.decor4u.co.za for supplying me with some fantastic décor supplies and to www.whipped-cakes.co.za for the amazing and very yummy cupcakes.