Nikki & Mike’s Wedding Day

Nikki and Mike are such a lovely couple. They are outgoing, funny, full of smiles and down to earth. We met while they were down in Cape Town last year and once they booked me for their wedding I got down to the nitty gritty and started with the planning.

Mike’s brother owns the most amazing wine estate in Tulbagh called Fable Mountain Vineyards. It feels like you are in the middle of nowhere when you arrive. The views are spectacular! So there really wasn’t any other place for this lovely couple to say their vows.

When the day finally rolled around I was very excited. This wedding was at a venue that has never been used for such a large event before. There were a lot of logistics to put in place, but we had some fabulous providers working on this wedding and everything looked wonderful.
The weather was stunning and the Tulbagh wind decided not to grace us with her presence – thank goodness. The ceremony was outside under the blue skies and it really was an awesome sight.

After the ceremony the guests made their way down to the cocktail hour spot where they were treated to live music, gorgeous views, great food, bubbly and a stunning sunset.
Side note – A great thing to spend a little extra money on would be the cocktail hour.
Most of the time, the couple go off for their couple shoot and the guests feel like they are left to fend for themselves. Adding some good music and well prepared food is something that your guests will appreciate and remember. 

When the reception started the guests were wined and dined by the amazing Dish and Social, they really pulled out all the stops when it came to the meal. It really was drool worthy! Urbantonic manned the bar and they are such a great company to work with. Their staff are friendly and efficient and their bar setup looks super stylish in any venue.

All in all, this wedding was wonderful. The couple looked amazing, the venue was gorgeous and everyone had an awesome time – which is exactly how a wedding should be!

To the happy couple, I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. Thank you for allowing me to play a role in your special day. I enjoyed getting to know you both and I hope your wedding was everything that you wished for and more.

Thanks to all the awesome providers who helped make this day such a success:

Photographer – Charlene Schreuder
Venue – Fable Mountain Vineyard
Bar – Urbantonic
Food – Dish Food and Social
Live Music -  Leonore Bredenkamp
Reception Music – Silk Music
Hair and Make up – Cindy Horton 
Wine – Fable Wines
Stationary – Fuchsia 
Decor & Flowers – Anli Wahl
Lighting – To-netts

Q & A with Kerrith from Overindulgence Cupcake Creations

I think about yummy food at least once a day, I have a sweet tooth for miles and I adore gorgeous looking cupcakes, weddings cakes and really well presented Candy Tables. So I chatted to Kerrith from Overindulgence Cupcake Creations about her business and found out she doesn’t have a sweet tooth *gasp* Do yourself a favour and have a look through these photos, she is one talented and creative lady!

1. How long have you been doing weddings?
I started with the cupcakes three years ago and about two years ago I expanded into Dessert Candy Station Styling and Custom Sweet Thank You Favours.

2. What made you start a career in such yummy things?
I stumbled upon my career in sweet treats purely by accident when I helped decorate some cupcakes for my nieces 2nd birthday while I was still busy with my Marketing degree and it evolved from a hobby into an exciting business venture and I haven’t looked back since.

3. How do you not want to eat everything you make?
Luckily I don’t really have a sweet tooth so I am not at risk of “eating” all my profits away but I am fortunate to have some friends and family who were happy to be my taste testers when I was starting out and experimenting with all my recipes.

4. How would you describe your style when it comes to designing?
I am a complete sucker for details. I pay close attention to all the tiny details connected to my client and the rest of the wedding or event and I like to incorporate all the personal touches in to my design. By doing so I feel that this allows me to provide them with an end product that exceeds their expectations and is unique to them.

5. Do you help guide brides in what looks great or do they mainly arrive with a very definite idea?
Usually they already have the overall design theme and colour by the time they approach me but I have been very lucky with brides allowing me creative freedom and the ability to guide them with the rest of the design details using my expertise.

6. What is your favorite thing to bake or design?
I will always love creating cupcakes with handmade sugar flower details but my biggest love is conceptualising and styling a custom Dessert & Candy Station display which incorporates the most delectable sweet treats, décor and stationery.

7. What about favours, nowadays favours often go to waste. Any tips on how you can incorporate your candy table to accommodate this?
Providing customised takeaway bags or boxes for guests to pack some takeaway goodies with from your Candy Station is an excellent way to incorporate the thank you favour into your candy station. Guests are always excited about being able to take something away with them and there is nothing like a beautifully designed candy display to bring out the inner child in your guests. When I return to the venue the next day to do break down, I always arrive to empty glass jars and stands and the brides are always happy that there is no wastage at all.

8. What if the guests don’t have a sweet tooth but the bride still really wants her candy table? Is this something you could adjust to suit everyone’s needs?
Most definitely. The best thing about these Stations is that there are no rules at all. The more customised to the bridal couple and their guests the better. I have created a biltong display as part of the dessert station in the past to incorporate the grooms love for biltong and it was a great hit at the wedding with not a single piece of biltong left over. I would also love to create a station that features all different types of cheeses, preserves, fruit, nuts and savoury crackers and breads for example. The sky is the limit.

9. How far in advance should brides contact you to order their candy table or cupcakes?
As with any other wedding vendor, I would obviously prefer as much time as possible as there is a lot of work and time that goes into each client’s special day. During winter which is our off season I am already taking bookings for the start of season in September. Three months is ideal but I would say that at least a month in advance is doable. It is important for the brides to remember that the more time we have to prepare and get our creative juices flowing and source the best products the better it is for the end product on the day.

10. How does Pinterest work for you? Is it sometimes too much inspiration for a bride and they give you impossible tasks?
Pinterest has proved to be quite helpful for me when it comes to brides using it for inspiration. I often create a group board during the creative planning process and my client and I both pin to the board to create a mood board from which to work from. It just helps to ensure that we both stay on the same page when it comes to the overall look and feel. Pinterest is a great resource filled with amazing inspiration images. The only slight downfall of Pinterest is that with all that beautiful imagery, I sometimes have to remind them that some of those images weren’t created with their budgets. However, I will always do my very best to create something beautiful that still fits in with their budget. I would say that prioritising and compromising are key when it comes to this hurdle.

11. What is your favourite wedding to date and why?
I don’t have a specific favourite because all my creations and set ups are so unique and different but one that really stands out to me is the Dessert Station I created for the Magnussen wedding as Michelle was just the sweetest and most excited bride to work with. She got just as excited about all the sweets as I do and that just made it such a memorable experience for me.

12. Why are candy tables so popular now days? Is this better than ordering dessert from the venue?
There are a number of factors which have made these stations so appealing for weddings. One of the biggest is that it is so visually appealing and it is a fantastic way to create a focal décor point for your reception room.
Another being that plated desserts often go to waste because guests are usually dancing and partying when the dessert is served and they don’t want to go sit down again. Also, if they leave it too long the ice cream / cream often just melts. Having the station there means they can just pick on it while they are socializing or just pack a takeaway to go home with. And another reason? Who doesn’t love an amazing buffet of cupcakes, cake pops, macarons, chocolate brownies and candy?

13. Best piece of wedding advice?
Invest in Hiring a Wedding Planner. They will ultimately save you money and stress as they know the ins and outs of the industry and you will be able to just look beautiful and enjoy your day instead of you and your family running around like crazy people on the day trying to do it all yourself, which will leave you completely exhausted by the actual time of the wedding.

If you are interested in trying out some of Kerrith’s wonderful treats then click on the link below to view her facebook page and connect with her.
P.S. (The red velvet cupcakes are my favourite)


The photos above are from a collection of Cape Town photographers:
Abigail K, Bernard Bravenboer, Blue Cheri, Christine Watters, Darren Bester, Flash Poets, Joanne Markland, Justin De Reuck, Lauren Kriedemann, Taryn Nicol and Veronique Photography

Q & A with Fox and Co

I chatted to Fennec from Fox and Co Event Styling. Flowers and decor form a big part of your wedding budget. Choosing flowers is often a difficult task and can sometimes be overwhelming. Hiring a professional to help you make informed decisions is one of the best things you could do.
I asked Fennec a few questions that brides might like to know the answers to.

1. How long have you been doing weddings?
For two years.

2. What made you start doing décor and flowers?
I’ve wanted my own business since I was in junior school and I’ve always been interested in décor. My interest in flowers is more recent but I’ve fallen in love.

3. How would you describe your style?
I like an eclectic mix of old and new. Experimenting with styles outside of my comfort zone is important, there is always something new to learn.

4. Do you help brides choose their linens, chairs and table décor?
I do often make recommendations regarding chairs, linen and other décor.

5. What is your favourite flower to work with?
This changes all the time. I like all flowers, they each have their place. If you put a chrysanthemum next to an orchid you won’t do it justice but use it in a bohemian headband with a collection of ‘just picked off the side of the road’ foliage and it will shine.

6. Is there ever a flower or piece of décor that brides should stay away from (allergies, reactions, pollen) Yes, if you have allergies flowers like Casablanca lilies, narcissus and tuberose will most likely affect you as they release a lot of scent. Also beware of any plant that emits a milky sap such as Snow-on-the-mountain (Euphorbia marginata) as it can cause dermatitis which results in tiny little blisters on the skin. I personally react to this so I never use it in bouquets and wear gloves when I work with it.

7. How do you charge for your weddings? Can you work with most budgets?
I custom quote for each wedding. Flowers vary considerably in price so I prefer to quote this way. I’m happy to work with any budget provided that clients are flexible and open to ideas that can bring costs down.

8. How far in advance should brides contact you in order for you to make sure they get the flowers that they are wanting?
At least six months in advance for summer weddings, I tend to get booked up for these months quite far in advance but I try my best to accommodate clients. With regards to brides wanting specific varieties, I need a minimum of three weeks but I never guarantee flower varieties. They are a natural product and are at the mercy of Mother Nature, if something is not available I substitute it with an equivalent that will suit both the style and budget of the client.

9. How does Pinterest work for you? Is it sometimes too much inspiration for a bride and they give you impossible tasks?
I think Pinterest is a great tool for planning a wedding and being able to express the style a bride is after. I like the visual inspiration as I often find that clients find it difficult to express what style they want in words. So often the description a client gives me in an email varies considerably to the pictures I find on their Pinterest boards. The pictures are a far better resource for me. BUT, my advice is that once you have settled on a style for your wedding stop looking on Pinterest! There is such a depth of inspiration available there that you will almost certainly find something different you like and change your mind. Changes can be costly and the more back and forth there is between you and your suppliers, the more chance there is of things not quite coming together. Also, bear in mind that if that picture you have fallen in love with is densely laden with enormous flower arrangements, 10 layer cakes and thousands of candles, it’s going to be very expensive to emulate so stay away from inspiration like this if you are on a budget or you will only disappoint yourself.

10. What is your favourite wedding to date and why?
My favourite wedding to date was the wedding of my friends; Kate and Percy. It was at Rockhaven in Elgin and a number of my close friends were there for the weekend of the wedding. They all came to help me do the set up the day before and we had such a laugh that it made their wedding particularly memorable for me.

11. Is DIY the way to go when planning your wedding flowers?
DIY is a very good option if you are on a budget or if you are a creative person who wants to make a fun, crafty project of your wedding. I would recommend keeping it simple as some floral arrangements are complex and require specific floristry skills. Also bare in mind that doing all of your arrangements and setting up your décor on the day of the wedding may take more time than you expect and you don’t want to exhaust yourself right before your wedding so I suggest enlisting some friends and family members to help you.

12. Do brides ever want a specific flower that is not in season at the time of their wedding? How do you fix this? Can flowers be ordered from overseas or grown for their date?
Brides often request flowers that are not in season when they are getting married. This is often because we see a lot of inspiration pictures from Europe and the US and we experience opposing seasons. We are able to import flowers but they still need to be in season on the other side of the world and they will also be more expensive. It is best to settle on a style you like and not worry about the specific flower varieties, rather trust your florist to choose the blooms that are in season at that time.

13. Best piece of wedding advice?
Don’t sweat the small stuff, no one will remember the shade of the icing on the cake or the exact variety of flowers. They will remember whether or not it was a happy day and the mood of the bride and groom set the tone for the ambience of the event so enjoy the fact that you are lucky enough to have such a celebration surrounded by the people who are important to you and just have fun.

You can contact Fennec on the information below to discuss any decor or flower options you might have for your big day. Fennec has worked on a lot of weddings with me and my brides have all loved her work.


The above photos were taken by a mix of the below photographers:
Jules Morgan, Stephanie Veldman, Catherine Mac, Tasha Seccombe, Lara Scott, Jilda G, Julia Winkler, Sunkissed Studio, Heather Steyn, Abby Anderson, Christine Watters, Moira West and Claire Nicola