Eli and Julie say I Do

Eli and Julie contacted me last year December to help plan their wedding. They live in the UK with their beautiful daughter Ivy and needed someone in SA to help put everything together.

They wanted an intimate wedding with their closest friends and family.
Zevenwacht Wine Estate was the chosen venue for both their ceremony and reception.

It was a beautiful day and I was so happy that the sun played it’s part!
Eli and Julie are such a relaxed couple. They seem to have so much fun together and just take everything in their stride. When the ceremony time finally arrived, Julie was ready and waiting! Eli lit up when he saw her, it was so sweet.

The ceremony was special and romantic, Eli’s friend married them and he wore the outfit that they all wore when they were waiters together – how funny!

Kristi Agier Photography captured some of the best photos I have seen in a while. She has a serious talent and did an incredible job. The lighting is just perfect and I adore the couple shots.

The reception was a hit and everyone danced the night away to some good ol hip hop tunes! Quite surprising for  a wedding, but they requested it and they totally loved it! I love it when couples bring in their own unique style or taste to such a special day.

Eli and Julie, I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of such a special day.

Thanks to my amazing providers who helped pull this day together:

Wedding Planning – The Mosaic Wedding Company 
Photographer – Kristi Agier Photography 
Decor and Flowers – Fox and Co Event Styling and Flowers 
Cake and Cupcakes – Cakes by Carlyn
Make up and Hair – Cindy Horton 
DJ – Oh my Gosh Productions 
Venue & Accommodation – Zevenwacht Wine Estate 

Q & A with Jade Morgan from Flatout Fitness

I recently chatted to Jade Morgan from Flatout Fitness to find out more about what she does to help brides, or anybody really, get into shape for their big day. This is often a stressful time and brides try and lose those last extra kilos a few weeks before. This is never a good idea as most of the time it doesn’t work and the ladies are left feeling disappointed in themselves. Below are some questions that Jade answered for us.

1. How long have you been a personal trainer for and what made you start doing this type of work?
I have always been in the fitness industry.  When I was younger I played as many sports as I could and competed at a Provincial and National/International level. After matriculation from school, I studied sports science and then decided to specialize in Personal Training. My goal was to connect my passion for fitness and helping friends and people in need for it to better their current lifestyles and reach their specific goals. I eventually opened my own Personal training fitness Studio in 2012 and haven’t looked back.

2. I have many brides who want to lose a few kilos before their wedding day. They don’t have the time in between work and wedding planning. What advice do you have for them?
Coming from a newly wed myself… If you want it bad enough you will make time! Unless your day starts at 5am and ends at 9pm, like mine, then maaaayybe just maybe you can say it now and then. But majority of people now a days just use it as an “excuse”. What they could do if they really don’t have time, is take 5mins (everyone has 5 mins to spare) and do a few star jumps, sit-ups, push-ups and squats once you have woken up… this will definitely help boost your metabolism. Take the stairs not the elevator, park a little bit further away from where you need to go and most importantly try making changes to your diet.

3. How do you charge for your consultations, is it always one on one or can they bring a partner?
I really keep my personal training personal. Normally it is one on one, unless you want to start with a friend or partner or bring the whole crew of bridesmaids with, then I make a plan and assess everyone together and charge accordingly.

4. How far in advance should brides book you before their wedding day if they are wanting to look and feel great?
It all depends on where you as a bride are at the moment and what your goals are for your big day. When we meet for your initial assessment we discuss all the goals and fine tune them as we go along. However, it is extremely important to not wake up 2-3 months before the Wedding day when you are already running around like a headless chicken. So I would say approximately 4-5months before the time. But like I said, it all depends on your goals.

 5. Is personal training only for those that are wanting to get super serious about their weight loss and are wanting to change drastically? Or are us lazy people allowed to? (guilty as charged)
Haha! Personal training is literally for everyone weather you are a first timer or an athlete. If you are wanting a personal trainer I normally think it’s because you are not sure what do to and where to start or you are needing someone to really push your limits or a bit of both. You shouldn’t be scared of getting hold of a personal trainer if you are a beginner or really into your training, when we meet do your consultation and evaluation you do a mini fitness assessment. According to your results and your history of injuries if you have any, I need to see where your strengths and weakness are and that’s how I design your program. As you get stronger and fitter I then fine tune your program to keep bettering your results and pushing your goals.

6. What is your take on the Tim Noakes Real Meal Revolution? Many people have benefited from what he is saying. It seems to be a lifestyle choice and not a diet. Do you support him in this?
Mmm… Tim Noakes… sorry, I am definitely not a fan. I have already told my clients if you want to follow his diet then you need to ask him to train you too. Haha. Harsh but I am not a fan of any diet that can’t be sustained long term. Everybody is different and it has worked for some people – so big ups to them, but I encourage my clients stick to simple and clean eating with the food intake every 2 to 3 hours to increase their metabolism.

7. Do you offer an eating plan to your clients along with your personal training services?
During the initial assessment with my clients, we talk a lot about nutrition and the do’s and don’ts. All my clients keep food diaries, writing down everything they eat and drink and the time they did so. Before every session we go through the diary and make changes every time to better their choices, for example, you can have potato, but rather sweet potato, you can have bread, but rye bread and brown rice instead of white rice for example. Nutrition is critical if you want to loose or gain weight but more importantly the correct nutrition to match up with your goals!

8. What do you think about diet pills and shakes? With all the additives they add to things these days, is this a good thing or a bad thing?
I have no problem with it. Everyone has different views, however I definitely don’t agree with replacing a meal with a shake. The additives… you get really good shakes and you get crap ones… the crap ones normally have the best marketing teams driving them, but if you are using a protein shake to help you reach your protein intake or after gym sessions to assist your muscles then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Diet pills on the other hand, it depends as well, proper research on the product is vital, might give you a boost however… THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL OUT THERE!!! It’s called get off your ass and start sweating and investing in yourself for a better and improved lifestyle. If you are interested and wanting to use supplements, it is advisable to speak to your Dr if you have any medical problems.

9. Most brides want to lose the extra few kilos around their mid section, but their tummy’s are giving them a big fat NO WAYS! Any tips for them on the best way to give the finger to the love handles?
If you are struggling to loose around your stomach area, this falls down to the incorrect nutrition!!! Doing excessive amount of ab exercises every day will make your core stronger, a good thing, but if you are not eating clean enough you are not going to lose the ‘boepie’. Look at eating more green veggies and salads, cut out the bad sugars and carbs, dilute your fruit juices and say no to fizzy if that’s what you drink. All the little change DO make a difference.

10. How would you help brides lose weight and then NOT put it back on the second they say “I Do”. Most of them want to look great in their photographs, but then after the honeymoon and normal life gets back on track, they lose their ‘oomf’ to get back to the fitness.
This is so true and I’ve seen it so many times. The key is to not fall back into their old habits with bad food choices and no exercising. I always pray that my clients take on their new lifestyle change and keep it going after their big day. It is always good to set new goals and keep working towards them straight after achieving the last one. However, life happens. We all put on weight here and there, try and stick to a plus 2kg and minus 2kg bracket… that way you can try stabilize your weight and set a new platform for your body to get used to.

11. People often don’t have time to go to the gym for hours or do a 3 hour hike after work. In your opinion what are the 5 best exercises a person can do to tone and firm their bodies?
Eeek, there are so many, how can you chose the best 5! High intensity interval training (HIIT) I find is often the most effective. Brides DON’T be scared of lifting or squatting with weights. However, having said that… you can never go wrong with heaps of cardio, mixed with lunges, squats, tons and tons of core work and getting those arms that are always showing in your beautiful wedding dress nice and toned! Go and buy a skipping rope and get jumping, you might feel a bit jiggly at first but embrace it knowing that the jiggle isn’t going to last for long if you keep going at it.

12. Best advise for brides and/or grooms that are wanting to get into shape for their big day?
If you fail to prepare… you prepare to fail. Plan it, don’t leave it to the last minute. You can make it so much fun and use this time to get out and enjoy the outdoors together, get all sweaty together and watch each other’s changes together. There is nothing better hearing your partner telling you that they can see your body changing! Sooooo rewarding. If you are the competitive type, make it a competition to see who can lose the most body fat % before the wedding, but beware to get a head start because guys loose much quicker than us ladies. Don’t stress over getting into shape, have patients, stick to your commitment and trust the process!

Thanks Jade, I appreciate you taking the time to answer all of these questions. I wish you the best of luck with your business, I am positive that you will help change people’s lives for the better!

Remember, fitness is a personal journey.  Start small, baby steps are ok! If you don’t feel 100% comfortable and would like to start living a healthy and active lifestyle then please give Jade a call. She is passionate about what she does and I have no doubt that she will help you become a happier and healthier version of you! And just imagine your husband to be’s face when he sees you walk down that aisle looking like a super star!

Email – jade@jademorgan.co.za
Website – http://jademorgan.co.za/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=529215293756618

Nikki & Mike’s Wedding Day

Nikki and Mike are such a lovely couple. They are outgoing, funny, full of smiles and down to earth. We met while they were down in Cape Town last year and once they booked me for their wedding I got down to the nitty gritty and started with the planning.

Mike’s brother owns the most amazing wine estate in Tulbagh called Fable Mountain Vineyards. It feels like you are in the middle of nowhere when you arrive. The views are spectacular! So there really wasn’t any other place for this lovely couple to say their vows.

When the day finally rolled around I was very excited. This wedding was at a venue that has never been used for such a large event before. There were a lot of logistics to put in place, but we had some fabulous providers working on this wedding and everything looked wonderful.
The weather was stunning and the Tulbagh wind decided not to grace us with her presence – thank goodness. The ceremony was outside under the blue skies and it really was an awesome sight.

After the ceremony the guests made their way down to the cocktail hour spot where they were treated to live music, gorgeous views, great food, bubbly and a stunning sunset.
Side note – A great thing to spend a little extra money on would be the cocktail hour.
Most of the time, the couple go off for their couple shoot and the guests feel like they are left to fend for themselves. Adding some good music and well prepared food is something that your guests will appreciate and remember. 

When the reception started the guests were wined and dined by the amazing Dish and Social, they really pulled out all the stops when it came to the meal. It really was drool worthy! Urbantonic manned the bar and they are such a great company to work with. Their staff are friendly and efficient and their bar setup looks super stylish in any venue.

All in all, this wedding was wonderful. The couple looked amazing, the venue was gorgeous and everyone had an awesome time – which is exactly how a wedding should be!

To the happy couple, I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. Thank you for allowing me to play a role in your special day. I enjoyed getting to know you both and I hope your wedding was everything that you wished for and more.

Thanks to all the awesome providers who helped make this day such a success:

Photographer – Charlene Schreuder
Venue – Fable Mountain Vineyard
Bar – Urbantonic
Food – Dish Food and Social
Live Music –  Leonore Bredenkamp
Reception Music – Silk Music
Hair and Make up – Cindy Horton 
Wine – Fable Wines
Stationary – Fuchsia 
Decor & Flowers – Anli Wahl
Lighting – To-netts