A DIY Guide to a Casino-themed Bachelorette Party

Hen Party

Casinos are the ultimate entertainment hub with a slew of games, nightclubs, restaurants, and luxurious accommodation. All the key ingredients to a great night out are in casinos, so organizing a bachelorette party there is the perfect way to spend your last night as a single lady.
Don’t panic if there aren’t any casinos in your town because now there are a host of options whereby you can bring the party to you.  Here are a few ideas for your casino-themed bachelorette extravaganza.

As it is a casino night, your guests should be expected to dress like they would during a night out in Las Vegas. Along with the logistics of the party, indicate the dress code on the invitations so that the girls can stick to the theme of the night. References such as FasionBombDaily will give them an idea of the kind of outfits you expect them to wear for the night.

Food and Drinks
If baking is your forte, here is where you can get really creative. Serve up a platter of cookies shaped as playing cards and chips, and a cupcake tower with each treat decorated with dice. Your friends will probably want a variety of food, so be sure to have an assortment of fancy hors d’oeuvres as well. For drinks, martinis are a classy choice of beverage to serve at your party, but if you really want to get in the spirit, experiment with any of The Lady Silvia’s cocktail recipes. These beverages are inspired by iconic casino film favourites.

Once the guests arrive, hand them a set of chips to that they can gamble away at different tables. Casino games that you should include are poker and blackjack. Though you won’t have a wide selection of slot machines like you would in the casino, it might not be such a bad idea to also set up a station for video slots using your laptop so that you can bring the best of online slots to your party. But since this is a party, you don’t want your guests losing any real money. Fortunately modern day portal InterCasino has a “Play for Fun” option that allows you to spin reels using free credit which would be ideal to utilize at the party. Many other leading online portals also have similar features that would be ideal to explore at your party.

Top off the atmosphere with some casino-inspired songs. The House of Bachelorette names a few songs that would be a great start to your party playlist.

At the end of the night, send your girls home with party favors that will serve as a token of this unforgettable occasion.

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Nadine and Lee’s beautiful wedding

Nadine and Lee are high school sweethearts and contacted me to help plan their wedding. They travel the high seas on a yacht and trying to pull together a wedding and work can sometimes make one crazy!

We hit it off from the second we met and I started the planning right away.

They are such a chilled out couple, it’s really cool when I get to work with couples that put their trust in me and allow me to give advice and ideas. They were so easy to work with that they made my job a breeze!

Nadine looked gorgeous on the day in her stunning Robyn Roberts wedding dress. She looked like an angel walking down the aisle with her brother.

Mosaic Sanctuary is an incredible place to say I Do. The setting is beyond stunning and you feel like you and your guests are the only ones in Stanford. The rooms are set up beautifully and are perfect for getting ready with your bridesmaids.

They got married under a 1000 year old oak tree – how romantic?!

Moira West did a fabulous job as usual capturing their special day.

The reception area looked amazing. Fairy lights, candles, family made decor, a black and white dance floor and the best vanilla rum as favours for their guests – I adored it all. Their guests seemed to love it and they danced the night away.

I have never seen a couple stay on a dance floor for as long as Nadine and Lee. A special high five goes out to Nadine as she stayed in her high heels, the entire night!

THANK YOU to the lovely couple for allowing me to plan your very special day. I loved every minute of it and I wish you all the love and happiness in the world.

Thanks to the lovely providers for doing such a great job:

Venue: Mosaic Sanctuary 
Dress: Robyn Roberts 
Hair and Make Up: Danielle van Cuyck
Decor: 4 Every Event 
Photography: Moira West Photography 
Boys Socks: Happy Socks 
Cheese Cake: Jacki Sands 
Chocolate Brownies & catering: Mosaic Sanctuary 
Stationary: Lara’s Designs 
DJ: Adrian Gemini
Tent: Stretch Inc 
Chairs: Events Academy 

Wedding website invitations

Have a read below for some more information on wedding invitations, but with a twist.

What Is An Online Wedding Invitation Website?

When I think about creating a wedding invitation website I get filled with childlike excitement! I love getting to know the couple, find out their likes and dislikes and translate that into a wedding invitation website that represents both their personalities and especially the aspects that brought them together. There is so much freedom in choosing colours, fonts, photos and quotes that will capture their dream in the form of an online wedding invitation. I love that I never have to do the same thing twice, because of course no two couples are alike!

Online wedding invitation websites have become very popular over the last few years. Couples and guests have reported back that they love the fact that all the information about the wedding is found in one place, no waste (or guilt) for that expensive paper invitation that inevitably ends up in the waste paper bin – the most eco-friendly invitation you could find! There will also be no problems with the postal service going on strike or lost invitations causing you to phone family or friends to find out if they will be attending the wedding. Instead you have a custom made wedding website that captures your personality and character while serving as an invitation, information about the wedding and an RSVP form all in one.

The website can have as many features as you like but normally they will at least include:

A homepage with photos of the lovely couple.
A page telling the guests a little bit more about the couple. Some couples prefer this to be very formal and traditional while others like a bit of fun and laughter with a little bit of personality coming through.
The actual wedding invitation page with names, dates and places.
The online RSVP form is the best of all! An email will be sent to the couple when a guest replies via the RSVP form on the website. No more RSVP forms for guests to post! This reply can be sent to an email account set up specifically for this purpose.

Any bride will know how long it takes to plan every detail about the wedding. Picture this… you and your new husband arrive arm in arm at the reception, madly in love and ready for this day that you have been planning to a tee for the last year… first thing you see is Aunty Sally’s 3 year old boy running through the room, bumping over the flower arrangement and grabbing your white dress with his grubby hands so as to not fall over…how did this happen…the invitation said no children! The problem is Aunty Sally never received the invitation that was posted to her old address! She got to the wedding thanks to family members that could inform her where it is but they neglected to tell her that no children are allowed. That is where the information page comes in handy!

All the information about the wedding and reception can be posted for all to see. Are children allowed, will there be a cash bar, telephone numbers for taxi services, dress code. Anything anyone might need to know. The link to the website can even be emailed again just before the wedding, just to remind everyone.
Crisis averted!

In this wonderful age of technology we can even add directions and an interactive map to your wedding venue and the reception. Guests can add the location where they will be leaving from and customised directions to the wedding will get them there on time. No need to get lost any more!

Furthermore it can have pages with suggestions for accommodation, things to do, places to see and restaurants in the area. You could have a page with an introduction and photos of the bridal party and parents of the bride and groom. A page with suggestions or links to gift registries which guests can use from their smartphones while shopping is also very useful!

A good way to get the guests involved and more excited about the wedding is to have fun interactive pages where guests can upload their photos, make suggestions for the dance floor and polls for when the first baby will arrive.

It can be as modern or as traditional as you like, include personal anecdotes and even have a theme that can be pulled through to your wedding decorations.

The world is your oyster and you are in charge!

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