Cape Town wedding: Dani and Mark

I thought I would start off by telling you how my very first wedding went off. Basically, I was not only the wedding planner, but also the maid of honor – can you say STRESSFUL!
My friends Dani and Mark live in London, when they decided to get married, there was only one place to do it – South Africa.

Dani and I spent hours on Skype, going through the little things like what colours she would use, what type of flowers she liked (or didn’t like) all the way to the big things, like the venue choice and who would make our bridesmaids dresses.

Every now and then Dani would have a slight panic attack “How are we going to get everything together and ready in 3 months” she would say, although nervous, I would calmly say “Dani, don’t stress, I have this under control. I am wedding planner and this is my job now” And to be honest, I really did.

Once we got the ball rolling, things ran pretty smoothly, there were obviously hiccups along the way, there always are. But I pulled what resources and contacts I had in the wedding industry and we got everything together. Dani’s Mom was a great help too and everything went according to plan.

Once Dani and Mark arrived in South Africa, we set off to finish the small things, like the name tags, seating plan, who would sit next to who (never an easy task) and the gifts for the guests, etc.

Then the wedding day finally arrived! I think I was more excited than the bride herself!

I was so happy that everything had come together and that I would not only see my friend walk down the aisle and enjoy her wedding day, but that I could stand next to her while she said her wedding vows and became Marks wife!

I secretly (or maybe not so secretly) cried the whole day!

But when I walked into the venue, I could breathe a sigh of relief. Everything looked amazing! The décor was gorgeous and it was exactly what Dani had invisioned. The rest of the night went off without a hitch, the speeches were hilarious yet really sentimental, the food was great, the music was a hit and we danced the night away. Literally, we danced so much that the venue put the lights on to make us leave.

I am hoping that if this is what my first wedding was like, then there will only be good things to come in the future. Wedding planning gives me all the feels. 

Dani, you are my true friend and I will always love you! You are always there for me and you give me such praise for my work whenever I blog a wedding. You know exactly who I am as a person inside and out and I am so grateful that our paths in this life crossed. Mark, you know I love you to pieces and one day your children will be proud to call you their dad.

I wish you both love, light and happiness in your many adventures in life!

I couldn’t have done this without the help of my awesome service providers, thank you:

Décor – Puccini Creations
Wedding Cake – The Cake Box
Photographer – Heather Steyn
Videographer – Retroyspective
DJ – Dream wedding djs
Venue – Kelvin Grove (The Pavilion Room)

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