Cape Town Wedding Styled Shoot – Angels and Demons

A few weeks ago, a couple of us creatives in the wedding industry decided to do a styled shoot. For individuals like us, an occasion like this allows us the freedom to explore our personal tastes. We showcase the styles that we like and what we think work really well together.

Jo Ann from Jo Ann Stokes Photography, Fennec Deuchar from Fox and Co Event Styling, and myself sat down for coffee one day and came up with an amazing concept. These days, tattoos are the norm. They don’t carry as much stigma as they used to carry all those years ago. But even so, people tend to want to cover them up for special occasions or smart events. We wanted to showcase how amazing they really look.

You shouldn’t have to cover up who you are on the most special day of your life. If I fell in love with a tattooed guy, then I would want the world to see how handsome he looks in his suit, with his rolled up sleeves while he shows off his art.

I think weddings should tell a story, a story filled with whatever it is that you both love. (side note – I just happen to really appreciate and love tattoos, so I was overly excited for this shoot)

We were lucky enough to get Jonkershuis in Groot Constantia on board. This venue has so many different spots for photos and the light was perfect when we arrived.

Sarah Hoberman worked her magic on the ladies for their make up. Sarah is very talented when it comes to this and I can highly recommend her for any events or weddings.

Marite Crous was the hair stylist for the day and definitely knows her stuff. Pop over to her site for some more info.

As usual, Fen pulled out all the stops and really brought something different to the table with regards to the flowers and decor. Just because it is a wedding, it doesn’t mean you have to follow the trend or have a specific colour. I adore what Fen created and think it looks so amazing in the photos. Once the sun set, then the candles came out and everything was lit up and looked completely different to what it looked like during the day. Stunning!

All of these photos are courtesy of Jo Ann Stokes, her work is really incredible and she has a nack for helping the models relax and just enjoy themselves. Being super calm and chilled out on a wedding day is important, so look for a photographer that reflects that.

Shane Burnell is from Boss Models and was the obvious choice for the style we were wanting to achieve. He is a regular on the modelling scene and works amazingly in front of the lens.

Chrissie is just so gorgeous and she was the perfect contrast for our “Angel and Demon” look we wanted. Her smile is infectious and she is just such a joy to work with! I really love the photos of her in the lace dress on the motor bike, how different yet amazing does it look?

Matthew Murphy worked extremely well for this shoot. He was our groomsman for the day and I think the clothing worked really well for him. I love the look of this as it is something different to the usual suit, but it still looks smart enough for a wedding. Bringing in your own unique style can really make all the difference in your photos. (Pop over to his Instagram account for some tips on healthy eating and having an active lifestyle)

Lastly was our little gem of a bridesmaid, Aimee Ravens. I have known Aimee for years and those captivating eyes of hers are screaming to be placed in front of a camera. She made the models laugh all day long and she was a pleasure to work with.

Alex from The Wedding Boutique supplied all of the dresses. She has an amazing eye for bringing in exactly what brides are looking for. Her range is to die for, and every time I go into her store I just swoon over all of the beautiful dresses she has in there. Totally worth a look if you are looking for THE wedding dress!

We were at the venue for hours, but all most of us could think of was “when on earth are we going to be able to eat those chocolate cupcakes” Kerrith from Over indulgence Cupcake Creations dropped off a few different yet stylish looking wedding cupcakes for us to use… and then Chrissie landed up getting into the vibe of being a bride and poor Shane landed up with a face full of icing. Check out the pics for a good laugh.

All in all – a fabulous day was had and we showcased some serious local talent. Thank you to all of the models for your hard work, you are a talented good looking bunch and we couldn’t have done it without you. To all of the providers, thank you for bringing our vision to life. I LOVE what we did and I smiled the entire time I typed this!

I hope you enjoy the photos!

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